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  P-51B 43-24837 First Flight as Berlin Express  
  Nov 07 2014  
Max Chapman's P-51B 43-24837 Berlin Express flew for the first time on Nov 7 2014 with John Muszala at the controls. Muszala and his crew at Pacific Fighters has finished another stunning P-51 restoration - complete with the huge nose-art on the right side and very cool main gear tires. Capt. William Overstreet Jr flew Berlin Express during WWII. Overstreet passed away earlier this year at the age of 92. He was the pilot that chased an ME-109 under the Eiffel Tower in France and had many exciting flights during his career.

  P-51 44-74453 N51ZW Flew after Restoration as Frances Dell  
  Oct 30 2014  
Carl Patrick purchased 44-74453 a couple years ago, she was previously owned by the late Bob Baranaskas. Patrick hired Midwest Aero Restorations to perform a restoration as the 78th FG P-51 Frances Dell. Frances Dell flew today, Oct 30 2014, at Danville IL. Congrats to owner Carl Patrick and to Mike Vandeboncour and his crew at Midwest Aero Restorations. She is beautiful.

  Big Beautiful Doll N351BD Safe Belly Landing  
  Oct 23 2014  
P-51 44-63634, N351BD, Big Beautiful Doll, was involved in an on airport belly landing on Oct 23 2014 at Mesa AZ. Owner Jeff Pino gently set her down after the gear refused to extend. Pino was not hurt, but his P-51 will undergo some repairs in the near future. We hope to see him and BBD flying again in the coming months. Not something any aircraft owner or pilot wants to do, but nicely done Jeff.

  P-51 44-74446 Crashes in Durango CO - 2 fatal  
  Jul 04 2014  
At about 9:29 AM P-51 44-74446 N1451D crashed near County Rd 309A in Durango CO. The P-51 hit the road and crashed off the road. The pilot and passenger were both fatally injured. Accident occured shortly after take-off. A full NTSB investigation has started. Condolences to the families and friends. Blue skies to pilot/owner John Earley and instructor/px Michael Schlarb.

  Eddie Andreini Lost in Airshow Crash  
  May 04 2014  
Eddie Andreini, a veteran airshow pilot, was killed in an airshow crash at Travis AFB in California on Sunday May 4 2014. Andreini was performing an inverted ribbon cut in his modified Stearman when the crash happened. He had performed this maneuver many, many times before. He was a great performer and fun guy. He has had an airshow low-level waiver for a long time. Anyone who has been to the Watsonville Antique Fly-In has seen him perform in his Stearman and Yak. In 2011 Eddie added a P-51 to his hangar in Half Moon Bay. He will be sorely missed.

  Jerry Gabe Flown West Mar 19 2014  
  Mar 19 2014  
Jerry Gabe of Hollister Ca, past owner of P-51 "Polar Bear" passed away on Mar 19 2014. Gabe owned Polar Bear from 1995 until 2012. He flew her until the early 2000's when Dave Morss took over flying duties. He was a friendly and kind man that would help you any way he could. He always had time to talk to you and was a wealth of information on the P-51.

Ted Contri passed away March 14 2014 of cancer. Ted has owned and flown the P-51 Mustang since the late 1970's. A true gentleman and one of the nicest men you would ever know. He would give you the rudder off his P-51 it that would help you get to where you want to go. He will be dearly missed in the skies over Carson City NV.

  Ray Hofman lost in his newly acquired Seafury N13HP  
  Feb 19 2014  
Ray Hofman crashed in his newly acquired Seafury N13HP yesterday afternoon, Feb 18 2014, around 4pm local time at Breckenridge TX. Hofman was the pilot/owner of P-51 45-11391 also. He enjoyed fast cars and warbirds. Condolences to his family and friends.

  44-73458 Galveston Gal Crashed in Texas - Pilot/Pax lost  
  Oct 23 2013  
Today, Oct 23 2013 at approx 11:40 am local time, TF-51 44-73458 crashed into Halls Lake near Chocolate Bay, Galveston Texas. The Coast Guard recovered 2 bodies from the aircraft. No names have been released. Cause of the crash is unknown at this time. Condolences to the Lone Star Flight Museum, friends and family of the victims. Galveston Gal had been returned to flying status with new paint in March 2011 and is owned/operated by the Lone Star Flight Museum.


  44-63889 "Queen of Hearts" has New 352nd FG Paint  
  May 01 2013  
Stu and Patrick Davidson's P-51 44-63889 now based in Port Elizabeth South Africa has new paint. Queen of Hearts is now painted in 352nd Fighter Group colours. New air to air photos have been posted on the P-51 Survivor page. They were taken by Justin de Reuck near Port Elizabeth.

  Robert Converse Passes Away - Apr 14 2013  
  Apr 14 2013  
Robert Converse had been battling a tough illness for some time. He passed away Sunday Morning on April 14 2013. He owned, flew and raced #72 44-72811 Huntress III and owned her from 1988 to 2007.

Bill Yoak passed away March 12, 2013. He was always willing to share his knowledge and memories of the old survivors, never skipping the opportunity to tell a story or two. He was a big contributor to this site with his vast P-51 Survivor memories, his many posts in P-51 Who? make it a great trip down memory lane. The P-51 and warbird communities have lost a true craftsman and guardian of the P-51. Our sincere condolences to his family.

  Jeff Harris, gone west, 5th March 2013  
  Mar 05 2013  
Jeff Harris, owner of Allied Fighters in Chino CA, passed away on March 5th 2013. Jeff's work tells a story of his fine craftsmanship. He also had a way of making you feel like an old friend the very first time you meet. Harris was a very likeable and down to earth guy. He flew, re-built and maintained P-51s and P-38s and was well known around the west coast. There will be an empty spot in the Chino airshow this coming May where Jeff has been flying sorties in the P-51 and P-38. He will be missed. Blue Skies Jeff Harris.

Gordon Plaskett, a P-51 owner, restorer, pilot and trainer, passed away on Feb 26 2013. His restorations date back to 1974 at his shop in King City CA. Gordon also trained pilots in a TF-51. He owned several P-51s during his time including the famed Crazy Horse TF-51 N851D.

Freddy Cabanas, long-time pilot was killed in a crash in Cozumel Mexico on the afternoon of Tues Jan 15 2013. He was flying an extreme sports reporter named Jorge Lopez Vives who also died. The flight was part of a documentary to promote an airshow. Cabanas has flown in many airshows over his career and was hooked on aerobatics. He raced at Reno a few years back flying a Sea Fury "Conch Fury" and the P-51 "Lucious Lisa". Freddy flew a great line for photographers hugging the poles and scraping the brush. He was a gentleman and a character that was fun to be around. Cabanas was 60 and survived by his two children and wife.